• To Whom It May Concern:

    I have worked with CC Builders over the past 12 years on 3 projects. The first project was in 1999 when we purchased our home near Teton Village. It was an extensive renovation, some would call it a tear down, that included a new addition that doubled the square footage from the original home. My husband and I still lived in Boston at the time we contracted CC Builders with this work. CC Builders had a top-notch crew do top-notch work. They did a fantastic job.

    I especially appreciated how well CC Builders worked together with Berlin Architecture. CC Builders knew when to ask me questions directly and when to ask Berlin Architects for clarification without needing to involve me. This streamlined the process. I appreciated the efficiency and was happy with how smoothly things progressed.

    CC Builders ran a tight operation. The job site was always very neat and organized, and I was always kept up-to-date with photos, emails, and budgets. Budgets and costs were up front, transparent, and on target. There weren't any hidden costs and no surprises. Change orders were priced with thoughtful recommendations and suggestions, and many times multiple calculations were figured with pricings for a range of time and materials all tremendously helpful in the decision making process.

    After living in Jackson for 11 years, we did a major interior renovation just two years ago. This renovation included raising a roof, increasing the height of tall windows, moving a kitchen, replacing all the floors, and changing the air handling systems. CC Builders again did a fantastic job with this technically challenging work. I especially enjoyed working with CC Builders crew, all very skilled, kind, respectful, and hard-working -- a great team. CC Builders also has great relationships with local contractors. This was very important for the project to flow efficiently and smoothly.

    The quality of CC Builders work is top notch. As a local experienced builder, they have expertise with Jackson, WY conditions such as big snow, ice, subzero temps, wind, dry summers and spring floods. They know where to put the extra insulation, how to avoid radon in the crawl space, where to place the avalanche brackets on the roof, and how the water table fluctuates. Their expertise helped me tremendously as l was moving from a very different situation in Boston. They understand how to build high quality homes that are durable and require minimal maintenance.

    I have found CC Builders to stand by their work. CC Builders is very reliable and accessible when it comes to solving and fixing problems, even after the project is complete. They are a very conscientious crew. It is a pleasure to work with a crew who takes pride in their workmanship. I highly recommend CC Builders.

    M. S.

  • To whom it may concern,

    It is with great confidence that we put forth this recommendation of Clint Cook and CC Builders. We interviewed several home builders before selecting our team of Larry Berlin and Clint Cook. Our entire home building experience from design inception through completion of our project to present day Warranty and maintenance of our home has been a success. I am a real estate developer who has worked on literally hundreds of commercial projects and it is Clint Cook's integrity and commitment to his clients that I am recommending.

    You can expect a professional, honest process built upon open communication and thorough industry/market knowledge that simplify the construction process. Clint Cook is a partner to be trusted and relied upon from the start of the project in the concept and budget phase and on through the life of the building. My vast experience is an example of the commitment that Clint has made in developing lasting relationships built on integrity and mutual respect.

    Clint Cook and his team clearly demonstrated a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. They demonstrated a solid understanding of the importance of a cohesive design which proved them a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints. They were a partner in helping meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of our project. They were guardians of our budget and schedule in every sense. They are competent, dependable and responsive.

    Dr. & Mrs. B. T.

  • Our first meeting with Clint Cook occurred when we were going to remodel our house on Teewinot Road in Wilson, WY. Our architect joined us in the interview process of several prominent Jackson Hole builders. We had preliminary plans drawn up and asked each builder to come to our house prepared to discuss the plans, $$$, timing, etc. We spent two days interviewing and decided on the eve of the second day that only one builder told us what we didn't want to hear which was that we would be better off "scraping" the house and starting all over. The price would be slightly higher but we would have exactly what we wanted rather than accept a contorted result.

    We were impressed with Clint's honesty because we had earlier told him that we loved the basic design of the house as it was and wanted to move forward from its base. He had to know that he would probably lose the job.

    My Wife and I decided to not re-model and began the Search for a vacant lot opportunity which resulted in such a location in our same neighborhood. To make a long story short we designed a much bigger home than what our re» model would have resulted in and after touring several of Clint's projects selected CC Builders to work with our architect in constructing our new home. We were impressed with the diversity he showed but again his honesty played a major role in our selection of CC Builders.

    My wife and I have had the opportunity to re-model a large home in Pasadena, CA, we have built from scratch homes in Danville, CA, two large homes in Dallas, TX,­ Victor Idaho, and now in Wilson,WY. We consider construction projects to be an avocation as Well as the enjoying of the actual end product. None of the projects mentioned came close to the experience we had with CC Builders. Not only has Clint become a respected friend during and after this house building project but his subs are superlative in their skills and PRIDE in what they do--they are good and they know it and they do not short cut their work--the Whole group is a team each complimentary to the other from Clint to his superintendent Kurt to each tradesmen. Their job site is immaculate which I have seldom seen before and to me exemplifies the Pride referred to earlier.

    When in the midst of our Wilson project with CC Builders my wife and l decided We needed a second floor deck off of our office their response wasn't "can't be done," or "it’s too late," or "it will be a Billion dollars." The response wasn't one of discouragement, but rather was “let us look at it and we will get back to you.” We got the same response when we said to add a porte-cochere, add an elevator, stain the beams, re-do the entire lighting plan twice, etc. I guess the point here is that their ATTITUDE was yes rather than no.

    Price is always an issue when you embark on these building projects, and yes this project came in over our budget but I can honestly say that had we allowed the house to be built exactly as originally drawn I believe we would have come in very close to their original bid. The difference in that original bid and the actual price was due to new earthquake standards put into effect literally days before construction began and the minor whimsical changes demanded by the owners. CC Builders did not provide the cheapest bid we considered but the QUALITY of the final product is superlative. Friends, knowledgeable about construction who have visited our new home in Wilson have raved about what they see. On several occasions CC Builders would remind us "anything can be done but it is not in the budget that we jointly arrived at from the original plans." In short, things weren't done and then huge bills presented afterwards--if there was to be a budget issue because of some new desire initiated by us we knew it before hand when there was still time to say "stop".

    The time schedule of our project was particularly critical due to ever changing market conditions and the financial needs of our expanding business. CC Builders sensitivity to the urgency demanded by the above was both needed and appreciated.

    Thankfully we have had few warranty issues and as you would expect they all occurred after the Warranty expiration date. Clint saw to it that they were all fixed.

    I think perhaps the best summary we could offer of our relationship and satisfaction with Clint and CC Builders is that we call Clint and Lisa (the billing brains of the operation) our friends as opposed to the acquaintances that they were before our project began. If we had another project in Jackson Hole area they would be the construction team of choice not because of our friendship but because of the overall product they delivered and continue to deliver.

    M. K.

  • Dear Clint and all at CC Builders,

    Thank you so much for your great work on our project in Jackson for Judges J. & J. S. We couldn't have done it without you. I hope we can work with you again or recommend you for other projects.

    From the beginning you all made the job run quickly and smoothly with your thorough coordination of the project and your team. I know they appreciated your dear planning and budgeting, and monitoring the budget with them along the way.

    Thanks Clint for your planning and management, and for your great access to local sources to not only execute your own work but assist us with ours.

    Thanks Kurt for your hands-on craftsmanship and your willingness to complete every small detail or addition we could imagine.

    Thanks Dave for your keen eye and expertise in bringing a construction project to completion and making it a working household. And thanks for your help in expediting our efforts to install a large house with items assembled from all over the country.

    Finally, the long experience of your company was evident from day one, and certainly thanks for the help and work of your entire staff.

    Best regards,
    M. K. & D. R.

  • Dear Clint:

    I was asked to review the work you have done for us over many years to and at our residence in Teton Pines.

    Our first encounter with you was in 1998 when we requested you to install several screen doors at the house. The materials and workmanship was excellent. Thereafter, on almost an annual basis we engaged you to perform maintenance and changes at the house. We have found we could use your judgment in designing the work we wanted done and we were always pleased with the results. Almost all of the work performed was in the autumn when we were absent from the area.

    Some of the work you have performed has been electrical, plumbing, exterior and interior painting, masonry rebuilding of the stone entrances at the front and side of the house, and rebuilding the stone patio at the rear of the house. We have admired your selection of employees and sub-contractors, which has been excellent.

    We are proud of the compliments we have received from friends about the condition of the house and never fail to mention your name when asked about the work done.

    P. and I hope we can have many more years of association with you.

    Best wishes,
    C. R. S.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    Clint Cook, the owner of CC Builders is a highly reputable man and business owner. He & I have worked together for over 20 years and have helped and learned a lot from each other. He is honest and very well organized.

    Over the years l have had the opportunity to have Clint build a few homes for me. The homes are always completed on time and on budget. The excellence of Clint’s work is admirable. He uses only high quality materials and pays special attention to detail.

    I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Clint Cook and his employees over the years and hope to join them in future endeavors.

    M. S.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    My wife and I built a four bedroom, three bath log home in the Indian Paintbrush subdivision, south of Wilson in 1993. The home was designed by Larry Berlin of Berlin Architects and constructed by Clint Cook of CC Builders. Our building site was at the top of the subdivision on a hillside and presented some unusual challenges. From the inception of the project, Clint demonstrated an innovative and efficient approach to problem solving that helped move the project along to a very satisfactory completion. At numerous points in the process, Clint contacted us with questions, observations, and suggestions that helped us avoid problems or make enhancements to the design and finish before the work was done. He seemed to work seamlessly with Larry Berlin.

    The construction process was well organized, and Clint and his crew were responsive and held to schedule (subject to Jackson’s weather). The billing and payment process was also well organized and transparent.

    In 2002, we again turned to Clint when we decided to upgrade our driveway, complete with a concrete retaining wall. We continue to use CC Builders for maintenance, repairs, and improvements to our home.

    We were, and continue to be, very happy with our home and the quality of the work done by CC Builders.

    Clint is a talented builder who takes pride in his work, and it shows.

    Good luck with your project,
    M. E. M.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing at the present time to offer my personal observations about Mr. Clint Cook, who built a very large home for us in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    Having dealt with many building projects in the past, both commercial and home, I am l convinced that Mr. Cook is one of the most capable and honest persons to manage projects that I have dealt with.

    First, Mr. Cook has a team of associates working with him that are almost to the person outstanding. They each know their individual tasks and assignments with perfection. Each of them were excellent communicators and it impressed me that the entire team communicated well together. During the course of every day, almost everyone that we dealt with would know their assignments and the individual performance of these people for us the customers, was beyond expectations.

    The quality of construction was outstanding. We built a very difficult project which involved natural logs, and this was together in a very excellent fashion and wound up to be very satisfactory. During the construction, any changes that we desired, after discussion with Mr. Cook and his team, were accomplished, and if they were not appropriate they were very excellent in informing us so that together we made these many decisions.

    Mr. Cook and his Company are extremely honest, and we had literally no questions regarding the financial matters, since they were almost more interested making that satisfactory then we were. The budget was strictly adhered to and most important, the end product was excellent.

    Following the completion of construction any problems that occurred were corrected expeditiously and relatively easily because all of the members of his team were very familiar with what they were doing. Construction in Jackson Hole is complex, preparing for both the winter and summer, and since we knew very little about that, the help we received from Mr. Cook and his associates was most appreciated and also most excellent.

    Our main home is in San Diego, California, approximately 1000 miles from Jackson Hole. That we were able to achieve such an excellent result from that distance is a tribute to Mr. Cook and his team.

    I have built many commercial and home projects. I have not had an experience that equals or comes close to the superb experience that we had with Mr. Cook and his team. Certainly if we or our family undertake any other building projects in the Jackson Hole area, there would be no other organization that we would rather deal with than Mr. Cook. Additionally, I would note that his wife Lisa acts as the Secretary for the Organization, which made it easy to contact Mr. Cook or any of the people during the project.

    Again, we were extremely pleased by the experience and I am certain that would be repeated by most of his customers. In fact, before choosing him we interviewed several of his clients, and their comments were exactly on target and the same as I am expressing at this time.

    I hope this information is satisfactory for you and will be helpful in any building projects you are planning. I can recommend Clint Cook Associates beyond an absolute guarantee that you will be satisfied.

    Yours very truly,
    A. H. G.

  • To Potential Clients of CC Builders:

    No doubt you are filled with many of the emotions we felt in 2006.

    Excitement and even exhilaration at the prospect building your dream house.

    Anxiety and even trepidation at the prospect at committing a great deal of money to the project, and wanting to be sure that every aspect of the project is perfect.

    We had never built a custom home before. We had heard many horror stories, but we’d also heard a few stories of wonderful relationships built between client, contractor and architect.

    As it turned out, we placed our dreams, and our money in very good hands.

    Clint Cook is an exceptional contractor.

    From the very beginning CC Builders worked as a team with our architect, Larry Berlin, and ourselves, to see that every aspect of our goals were met.

    Even before the bidding process began, Clint and his foreman, Kurt Lund, spent a considerable amount of time discussing what we envisioned, how we planned to use the home, the variables of quality, cost and timing, and ultimate return on our considerable investment in a Jackson home.

    Clint maintained the utmost respect for our budget and financial requirements through the entire process. We never felt we were being traded up as questions or options presented themselves. We always felt Clint was working to make the most of our budget. In fact, there were occasions when we were the ones to suggest a more expensive option, and Clint would remind us of the budget, and what was in the estimate.

    When it came to financial details, Lisa Cook was very prompt with invoices and all paperwork required by our construction financing. Any questions pertaining to billing were answered quickly and thoroughly.

    One aspect of the ways Clint works that we came to appreciate is discussing options. He’d help us consider trade-offs between quality and cost. There is always something more expensive, but there is always something cheaper. Clint and Kurt helped us find the right balance point for our goals.

    CC Builders worked tirelessly on our behalf to find just the right components, even when looking for vintage or distinctive materials. We were delighted to hear on a number of occasions “Here’s the price they quoted us, but I think we can do better. Let us search some more.”

    An important but rarely considered skill is managing sub-contractors. Clint and Kurt ensured that the subs’ work was prompt, met CC Builders’ and our standards, and was within budget. We never had issues with the subs.

    The crew was prompt. Kurt was on site by 6am, and the crew was always there on time. Here’s a small but telling example of the thoroughness of our crew: During construction we were complimented by our neighbors about how clean our site was. We’ve noticed some projects look like a tornado had just come through. But Kurt and the crew cleaned and tidied the site every evening, even going so far as to sweep the dust from the road.

    We were reassured during construction when a friend, who is also a contractor, came through the house. He marveled at the care and quality of the work, and that there were no shortcuts being taken by the builder. He said he’d like to have that crew.

    When our home was completed, the relatively few items on our punchlist were quickly and completely resolved. The few warranty items that have come up since have been readily addressed.

    Our home has been a joy to live in for the last four years, and we regularly receive compliments on the obvious quality and care that went into its construction.

    At the end of our project, and to this day, we have the highest regard for Clint, Lisa, their foreman, Kurt Lund, and their entire crew.

    We highly recommend CC Builders.

    M. F. and N. F.

  • To whom it may concern:

    In 2000, CC Builders started the renovation of our Teton Village home in accordance with a wonderful design from Larry Berlin of Berlin Architecture. It was a very extensive renovation that involved adding new space, adding gabled dormers throughout the home, reconfiguring interior rooms, extensive stone and log work, replacing all of the windows and adding a stone patio with spa. The first part of the renovation was done while we were out of town. CC Builders did a wonderful job keeping the project moving and ensuring that we were supplied the information necessary to make decisions and to keep on schedule. The last part of the renovation was done with us living in the master suite while the CC Builders crew worked throughout the rest of the house. We became very familiar with each of the crew, their superb craftsmanship and their endless desire to deliver a quality product. They also like doughnuts.

    Before moving to Teton Village, we were lifelong east coast apartment dwellers. We understood very little about home ownership, much less renovating one built on the side of a big mountain. CC Builders and Berlin Architects were always available and provided sound professional advice to manage our renovation, our expectations and our budget. While working on the planned renovations, CC Builders also took the time and initiative to identify some preexisting short comings in the existing structure that they felt might not be in keeping with our vision. They provided us with well-conceived suggestions, often multiple alternatives, on how to proceed. The final change orders were well thought out and greatly improved the finished product.

    We were very impressed with CC Builders' ability to keep the project moving forward while orchestrating the complex communications and approvals between us, the architect, the subcontractors, the suppliers, the local governments, the neighbors, the homeowner association and everyone else involved. Being a business owner, I highly value that rare breed of person, such as Clint, committed to going that extra mile to ensure success and capable of surrounding himself with people of similar motivation.

    We believe CC Builders does quality work, as good as it gets. From an administrative point of view, the invoices were clear, detailed and accurate. CC Builders was always professional, willing to accommodate the differences of opinion and to resolve problems with the goal of maintaining the long term relationship.

    CC Builders helped us achieve our vision and more. Now, whenever our home needs attention, we always call CC Builders. CC Builders is always responsive, dependable and professional. CC Builders has become an integral part of managing our home and lifestyle, minimizing our headaches and maximizing our enjoyment of Jackson Hole.

    J. A.

  • Dear Clint,

    T. and I are more than happy to respond to your request for a letter of recommendation from us concerning the extensive remodel of our home at Lost Creek Ranch which you did for us. As we prepare ourselves for our annual summer journey to Jackson Hole, it is hard for us to believe that was back in November 2001 that the work was finished, and the quality of the work remains today, nearly eleven years later. It really seems like you just finished a couple of years ago and perhaps that is because of the quality of the work you did for us, and the fact that you are still the first person who I call if I need a simple tweak or a fix for something as I know and can depend still upon an immediate response from you. I know you still have an attachment to our home given the personal quality touch and value for the money which you brought to our job.

    Two items stand out to us from the project we did with you during the period which commenced in October 2000 and was completed in November 2001. The first item is that you stayed on schedule throughout the project. Having worked with a number of previous contractors in home remodels, we were always aware of slippage in over-enthusiastic time commitments, but you “stayed the course” and came in on time, frequently having to do some shuffling with your subs to ensure we would be finished at the time to which we had all agreed. The second aspect which stood out for us was the clarity in your budget. Your original estimate was well presented; together we worked on it to ensure that the majority of “construction surprises” were accounted for, and then you gave us the confidence that we would remain within the parameters to which we had also agreed upon. As a finance guy I was especially appreciative of the accuracy and detail of all your billings. That made working with you such a pleasure for us being that the project was in Jackson and we are living in Los Angeles.

    Hopefully we will run into you this summer for our annual “hello.”

    My best,
    W. A. M.

  • Dear Sir or Madam:

    We are pleased to provide a letter of reference for Clint Cook and CC Builders. We first employed the firm in 1997 to build our Jackson Hole home in the John Dodge neighborhood. Although CC Builders had come highly recommended, we asked to tour personally a number of the homes that the company had completed in the Jackson area, and came away impressed with both the level of quality and attention to detail that we saw.

    We subsequently asked CC Builders to take on our project, which involved a sophisticated understanding of log construction, a high level of finish detail, substantial coordination with architectural and interior design teams, and a demanding, long-distance client. Clint Cook and his team rose to the occasion in every way possible.

    After our successful experience with the main house, we turned to CC Builders again in 2012 when we decided to build an additional garage and courtyard, and again in 2011 when we asked them to renovate a two-bedroom cabin on an adjoining property. These additional projects were also done to our complete satisfaction.

    CC Builders brought a cooperative team approach to its work, putting in extra effort to ensure that the architectural and design plans were fulfilled. One example of their dedication was their commitment to finding just the right dimensions of large natural stone to serve as fireplace mantel and hearth pieces for our main house. A member of the team travelled to another state to extensively search a large area of rock outcroppings until the right pieces were found to meet the architect’s vision.

    As clients, we were informed at every step in the construction process, either through planned meetings which often included the architects or designers, or through regular email and phone communications. Throughout the projects and especially between meetings, Clint Cook also sent photo updates of progress by email.

    We have found CC Builders to be financially responsible as well. They take the budget for a project seriously and are transparent and orderly in estimating and billing. They provide excellent value overall, are happy to explore and explain options when faced with budgetary constraints, and where appropriate, take the initiative in suggesting alternatives.

    All the construction that CC Builders has done for us has been of high quality, functions extremely well, and has stood the test of time. We have used our main house extensively since it was built, both as a warm gathering place for extended family and as a getaway for just a few people, and it couldn’t be better built for our purposes. We have always had complete peace of mind as part-time residents, knowing that the house was constructed to high standards and that CC Builders stands behind their work. In the few cases in which we have needed to make adjustments or repairs over time, CC Builders has been quick and dependable in response.

    In fact, we were so impressed with the caliber of the firm that we asked Clint Cook to maintain our house after it was built. He has managed all aspects of the upkeep since that time, including property and ground maintenance as well as arranging for housekeeping. We rest easy knowing that someone as competent, trustworthy and proactive as Clint is in charge while we are not in residence.

    In short, CC Builders has been a joy to work with, and we are delighted with our Jackson Hole home. We highly recommend the firm and the person who leads it so well, Clint Cook.

    R. D. & S. D.